Kaki Repair is a movement to encourage people to have the habit of repairing things, rather than throwing them away. It’s a place to learn to diagnose and fix the items ourselves.

Note: this is not a repair shop and the idea is not to bring your broken items in to pay someone to fix it, you will learn to fix it yourself. Basic tools, references and guidance from experienced community members are here to assist you.

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Anyone! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to repair them, let’s diagnosed them together along with Kaki Repair community members (Made out of DIY enthusiasts) and we will try to tackle the issues together.

Those with basic knowledge and experience on repairing things, do come over to help out, make some friends and help to grow this movement.


Why are we doing this?

As part of KakiDIY’s motto “Recycle Reduce Reuse”, We can greatly reduce waste and reuse broken items around us by repairing them or making it into something new.

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What can be brought in to repair?

(Sorry, no 2 tiered Fridge or 18 footer yatch). Here are some examples

  • Appliances

    Iron, Table Fan, Blender, Hair Dryer, Small Oven, Vacuum Cleaner, Speakers.

  • Toys

    Malfunctioned Electronics, Plastic Toys with Broken Joints, Torn Soft Toys.

  • Furnitures

    Repairing wobbly stools, Learn the basics of woodworking, hinges...etc

  • Fabrics

    Alteration, Patching, Sewing Missing Buttons, Extensions, Resizing.

  • Electronics

    Burnt fuse, Soldering, diagnose and identifying faulty components.

  • Find out yourself

    If its small enough to carrying with you, why not just bring it over.

Supporting Communities


Advocating DIYs to the communities


Power tools for Makers

The Garage KL

Location sponsor and home to FAB HAUS & KakiDIY

The School, Jaya One

The School, Malaysia's 1st enrichment mall